Beeswax Candle Making Kits

Beeswax Candle Making Kits

Making beeswax candles is such an easy and fun project for the whole family.  Beeswax candle making kits are a great introduction into making candles. This is a family fun project.  It’s fun to watch your families eyes glow in the candle light illuminated from candles that they made. Beeswax candle making kits are fun for adults too!

Beeswax Candle Making Kits

We have candles kits for sale. What you get is 4 8×8 beeswax sheets, wick and instructions all wrapped up in a nice bag.  If you are interested you can purchase them here and pay through PayPal.  We have many colors available: Natural, Red, Blue, Green, White, bright Yellow, and more.  Please indicate what color you want in your candle making kit.

Candle Making Kit

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