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Elderberry Syrup and Honey Lemon Remedy

December 16, 2012

Elderberry Syrup It’s our go to item every in the fall, winter, spring and summer.  Elderberry syrup.  It’s yummy. Some have duct tape, we have elderberry syrup and vinegar.  It’s our answer to everything. Elderberry syrup is used for its antioxidant properties.  It is used to improve vision, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, and is great […]

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Honey Recipe: Green Salad & Dressing

August 19, 2011

Green Salad and Dressing Here’s another great honey recipe.  Serve this green salad and dressing with your favorite pasta dish.  Yum!  It’s so easy to make Ingredients: Lettuce (botersla) just a bit of rucola (chopped), lardons (ontbijtspek), soft boiled egg and a dressing of: 2 T limejuice 2 T olive oil 1 t whole grain […]

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Honey Recipe: Fruit Dip

August 11, 2011

Fruit Dip Recipe This honey recipe is an all time favorite, the kids love it too!  This kid friendly recipe is sure to spark an interst in cooking and on your taste buds.  Best yet, it’s a simple recipe and fast to make! Here is what you need: Almond Butter (any kind of nut butter […]

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