Swarm Naturals is in the giving mood. So, we’ve decided to do a free giveaway.  But, I gotta know you are out there first.  So I am letting you decide what to giveaway.  Once we get up to 10 post I will set up the giveaway.  
Here’s the line up.
Make Your Own Beeswax Candle Kits
(2 Kits)
Gift Box

Dozen Beeswax Votive

Ok, there they are.  Bee sure to leave your comment so we can get this a-rolling!

Bee Creative!

Get Crafty!

Need a Wee Bit of Natural Inspiration?
Check out this wonderful blog full of natural crafting ideas for the family and to decorate your house!  We want to say thanks for using our beeswax and look forward to to more of your projects!
One Ounce of Swarm Natural’s Beeswax.
Bee Good!
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