Elderberry Syrup and Honey Lemon Remedy

December 16, 2012

Elderberry Syrup It’s our go to item every in the fall, winter, spring and summer.  Elderberry syrup.  It’s yummy. Some have duct tape, we have elderberry syrup and vinegar.  It’s our answer to everything. Elderberry syrup is used for its antioxidant properties.  It is used to improve vision, boost the immune system, lower cholesterol, and is great […]

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Raw Honey

August 2, 2011

What Is Raw Honey? Raw Honey should not be associated with “raw” as in “raw” meat, or uncooked foods.  Raw honey is the concentrated nectar of flowers the bees collect, which then has been extracted.  Raw honey is simply unheated, pure, unpastueruized and unprocessed honey. Raw Honey Remedy When raw honey is mixed with ginger […]

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