Beeswax Collage

Beeswax Craft

A beeswax collage is a great way to do a beeswax craft.  Here is a great video I found directing how to do beeswax craft, this one  out lines how to make a beeswax collage.  Happy beeswax crafting!

This video is by Suze Weinberg.  she demonstrates crafting ith beeswax.  Here she is making an antiqued beeswax collage.  This clip provides happy, fun and buzz worthy crafting with beeswax tips.  In this 10 minute video you will learn how to use the Ranger Melting Pot and Suze’s Hot Wax Stylus tool.  The tool looks great, in fact I may buy one myself for crafting with the kids.


Below are the tools you’ll need to make your own collages.  Happy Beeswax Crafting!

Another fun beeswax craft project.