Today as I type at the kitchen counter, I wondered what I should write about in the blog today? Then the smell of burnt garlic and olive oil teased my nostrils with the additional sounds of cuss words and laughter. There it was, there he was. I will write about my husband.

Now, I may of painted him in the wrong light. My man CAN cook! In fact this is the first time he has EVER burnt anything on the stove. His specialties are bread, soft pretzels, eggs and anything on the grill. So, when he does cook I am most grateful.

I think it is important for a Mompreneur to have someone in their life. For me it is my husband, for others Mompreneur it’s a partner, a mother, a father, a best friend. Whom ever that person is, it’s important to appreciate and acknowledge the all of the little things.

My husband works full time, but always has time to offer support and bits of help as I run Swarm Naturals. He is great with the business, the household and our children. He is a great sounding board, one thing I’ve learned is that if he thinks he’s a part of the business, something more than just a nanny, he’ll be eager to help with all aspects of life.

So, thank you, dear husband, for burning the garlic, you truly are my inspiration for the day.

Detroit News

Swarm Naturals would like to thank the Detroit News newspaper for including us as a source to purchase local raw honey. Here at Swarm Naturals we strive to bring you the very best honey in it’s most natural state. We do this by using organic pratices with the bees and hives. Also we use a strainer to remove wax cappings, which retains the pollens in the honey giving it a unique and yummy flavor.

Here is a link to the article. Enjoy!
For Our Yummy Honey Click Here!

Farm to Fork article on

Recently Corinna Borden, whom writes about Fear, love, food, creme brulee, the perfectly poached egg, and food sustainability, came out the the apiary to take a closer look at our production.

Here is the article, titled, “Visit to Risk’s Apiary & Honey House: home of Swarm Naturals she wrote for in the Farm to Fork section. The article illustrates how we keep our bees, some of the organic practices used, and just why our honey is the best!

We were glad to have her out and look forward to a visit in the summer when the bees are out and about buzzing!

Mompreneur and WAHM

Mompreneur and WAHM
What is it?

A mompreneur is a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of motherhood and an entrepreneur.
– Work At Home Mom

Trying to juggle a 3 year old and a 3 month old isn’t easy, in fact it’s a down right messy experience. Let’s throw some hot liquid beeswax in the mix and instantly you have a hot mess! I go through shirts just as quickly as my baby does. My frequent wardrobe change is due to hot wax splatters, her’s due to baby teeth just beneath the surface. Both lead to laundry, and more work for Moma.

From the moment my eyes open to the second they close I am busy with my children, husband, house and Swarm Naturals. But I love it and wouldn’t want it any other way…I am a WHAM Mompreneur!