Bee Friendly Garden

Bee Friendly Garden
Did you know that about one third of our garden fruits and vegetables, and the flower seeds we harvest from our gardens, are the result of honey bees?   Visualize a third of your garden….just gone.  We need our bees to thrive.  Having a garden “friendly” for bees means it is also friendly for many other beneficial forms of wildlife, such as butterflies and hummingbirds.

So what flowers are bees attracted to?  Purple and blue are bees’ favorite colors, followed by yellow and orange. Many newer types of flowers, especially annuals that have been highly bred, are deceptive to bees.They play a trick on them. Even though they may have attractive colors, they lack the pollen and nectar bees like, unfortunately these traits were bred out.

Examples of perennials attractive to bees include early spring bulbs such as glory-of-the-snow and crocus; clovers and milkweeds in the summer; and asters and goldenrod in the fall. Try to grow some late-blooming asters, or cut your New England Asters back (remove about six inches of growth) in June, in order to have later flowers for bees.  Bees also like clover

Bees need a source of water if one is not nearby. A small pond, puddle, birdbath, or even dripping faucet fulfills this need.

Good luck with your bee friendly gardens.  Just imagine what a little flower power attraction could do to your beautiful gardens….thank the bees.