Eat All The Honey—

It’s cold outside here in Michigan on this bright February day.  Heck, it is even cold inside.  Despite the the chill in the air- there are some neat things happening now.  Go check your honey (no not your partner, your jar of honey).  It should be thick, right? It probably looks like this:

Raw Honey | Swarm Naturals


When it’s cold outside like this, IT IS THE BEST TIME TO EAT HONEY.  It’s so yummy and flavorful with hints of spring and summer  dancing on your taste buds, that chill in the air begins to fade.  You have to use a knife to get the honey, it’s too thick, it won’t pour.  Ok…maybe it will pour but it would take a LOOOOOOON time. Use a knife.  :)

solid honey | Swarm Naturals


Look how beautiful that looks– It taste even better!

Eat Raw Honey | Swarm Naturals


So in the next picture the honey on the butter knife is gone.  No going to lie,  I ate it.   Yum!

Eat Raw Honey | Swarm Naturals In fact we love honey.  We probably eat it everyday, twice a day.  And I think it’s pretty important to teach the youngsters to help themselves.  Here is the youngest making his lunch.  Peanut butter and honey sandwich!

Peanutbutter and Honey | Swarm Naturals



Look at those knife skills.  That’s how a 3 year old slices a sandwich in half.   well…..halfish.

Making Lunch | Swarm NaturalsThanks for reading my post.  Now really, go check out your honey, look at the crystals, EAT the honey, bake with the honey.  Enjoy honey.

Ever wonder why honey gets thick in the winter time?  Check out my article here.

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It’s my birthday.

It is my birthday.

When my babies were young, like super little, my birthday was just another day.  But now as time marches us into new phases of motherhood, and childhood, my children understand what a birthday means.  The giggles and secrets they try to keep fills my heart with joy.



Last night my 5 year old decided she needed to sleep in my bed.  After about 2 hours of hugging the edge of the bed, I got up and went into her bed.  It ended up being a blessing in disguise, I slept the whole night in a bed by myself.  Yes.  It’s always a good decision to get your child a double bed for this very reason.

Happy Birthday To Me.

Mall Disaster

It was a nice rainy Fall day today here in Michigan.  They only trouble is it’s Mid-July, aka SUMMER.  My little ones were getting restless, so we went on an adventure.  Typically, I say ‘lets go on an adventure’ to get them ready and in the car.  Once we are all buckled in I form a plan.  Today’s adventure brought us indoors to our local mall.  We ate mall food for lunch, read books at the local book store, goofed around with puppets, and then yes, we ended up in the kiddy coral.  You know what I’m talking about, right?  The padded area with squishy things to jump on.  The little ones were full of giggles and I was happy to watch them.

Here are some pictures:


Mall Fun | Swarm NaturalsTea cup rides are just so much fun.

Mall | swarm Naturals

Big smiles— our trip was a hit!  Fair warning here, this is not a blog post about Mom’s not paying attention to their kids, or looking at their cell phones or wearing yoga pants or whatever.  I get it, we are all here to let our kids run around in the padded room.  I’ve got nothing but love to my sister’s out there on this Motherhood journey.

Mall Ride | Swarm NaturalsAww, he has a buddy.  But what is that in the back ground?  Here’s a better look–

Mall | Swarm Naturals

Why is this poster here?  Right here– Right in front of the play area?  Why?  But wait there is more, check out my daughter here:

mall | Swarm naturalsIsn’t she a doll?  I do make cute kids.  The men in the pictures are fully dressed.  Here’s a better look–

What message | Swarm Naturals


So what exactly is the message that we are sending our children?  If you are a girl go ahead and take your clothes off to impress people.  If you are lucky enough to be a guy, ‘Lighten Up’ wear a suit to impress people.  This is the kind of stuff that drives me crazy.  I would NOT let my children at home watch a V.C. fashion show….why is it appropriate at the mall?

The problem HERE is that these store surround the children’s area.  I know that when I bring my kids to the mall they are bound to see something inappropriate and I’m ready for that.  Usually I can distract and walk right by the skeezy images.  But these, THESE are surrounding the KID’S play area.  And it’s not ok.  As a society we have GOT to step up our game.  And this Mall should work on it’s planning a bit more.

I don’t want my daughter growing up seeing images of unattainable and air brushed bodies.  I want my sons to have more respect for women and love them for their mind…not their underwear.  What are people thinking putting this stuff up so close to children?  CHILDREN!

But guess what folks, I’m not done.  And in this corner we have:

mall | swarm Naturals

C-bear- she’s flying her rocket to the moon. (yeah I was on my phone AND paying attention to my girl).  But here’s a close up of what’s behind  her at that make-up store:

make-up |Swarm Naturals

Make-up…so easy anyone can do it.  Anyone can put this make-up on….even little kids.

WP_20140716_0431Because telling little girls, and SHOWING them that little girls should wear make up is great for their self esteem.

Let me paint this crystal clear: kids padded area in center, we have an almost naked Victoria Secret picture, not be out done by then men dress in 3 piece suits, all while little girls are shining down on us putting their make up on.  This is spot COULD be so awesome for children, for Moms, for our community.  However, because of poor planning it’s a spot I feel is not safe place for children in our community.

I don’t really know how to wrap this post up.  I am disgusted and sadden by the lack of thought that went into this ‘children’s area’.  I will say that luckily, in my community we have things like Play. and Impressions 5, something catered towards children, that is truly a safe place for them.  And for that I am thankful.


unfiltered fun

This is for my cousin Brandy, who I adore.  This is also to all the mom’s out there who are living (right there with me) in this ‘perfect’ social media world and wondering where that exist….

Life Unfiltered: 

The thought process:

OMG: we are driving in the car….let’s take a picture, I can scrap book it.


O crap I forgot to smile….let’s take another one I’m going to smile because we are all so happy…  (yes C is wearing pink shorts under her dress)WP_20140716_051

Well crap, C wasn’t looking.  Come on guys….let’s get a good picture.


Wait…what happened here?  No, just no.  Let’s do this again…  We are happy right?  Look at the wrinkles on my noggin.  Note to self,  I need to start using my nightly face cream…  B’s hanging in there…cool arm pump dude.WP_20140716_049Ahhh look at our eyes…..we all lost it, the moment is gone.  We are not getting this shot.   But we got it….

And…..end scene.  I was trying to capture a happy moment.  But I didn’t exactly get that…  I got something better.  This is real life folks.  The truth is, we were having a great day and we experienced something a smart phone camera can’t pick up.  Bonding, fun, memories, love, candy…..

This is my life unfiltered.  Don’t be afraid to live yours this way.

Off to bed.  Hmmm… where did I put that special night cream.

(notice we were not driving, we were parked the whole time during the capturing of this moment)

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I’ll admit it, this weekend I went to the mall.  (Maybe not the mall pictured…but, hey, aren’t they really all the same anyways?)

mall  | swarm naturals

I went into the candle store.  You know, that big name candle store with ALL THE CANDLES?  Yeah- that one.  I about died.

I stepped into store and squinted my eyes, the sales associate said “it’s really sunny out there, huh?”.  Well, no, this store caught me by surprise, my eyes were watering, so I squinted my eyes.  I stepped further into the beautiful shop searching for some rainy day scent I used to burn years and years ago.  After testing out a few candles I just couldn’t take it anymore.  I started sneezing, coughing, my eyes were watering.  I covered my mouth and nose and got the frick outta that store.  On the way out the same sales associate made some comment like ‘really…’.

Yah- REALLY.  How are you not dead from working in the store?  My sinuses are blowing up just thinking about it.

Next I ventured into a lotion store.  Now this store smells good.  My sinuses aren’t blowing up.  You know what is great about this store?  It’s fun, I can smell ALL THE SCENTS, I can test drive whatever I want.  There are pretty colors everywhere, sales everywhere, happy people EVERYWHERE.  I totally got wrapped up in the environment– I was being a great mall shopper.

Then I looked at the ingredients.  O-yeah, the ingredients.  All those same ingredients I gave up using years ago- they are all still in the lotions, soaps, candles etc.  I started to put stuff back on the sales rack.

I looked around, I know better then this.  What am I doing?  Sure it’s fun, it smells good, but it’s crap.  I thought to myself, remember the reaction you just had at the candle shop woman?  Remember how you busted outta the store because you couldn’t take a breath without sneezing and your eyes were watering??  It’s not to late, run, RUN out of this store now.  And I did.


I have made lotions for my family for years now.  My shopping trip inspired me make a new batch.  You know, something that we can all use without the sniffles, watery eyes and skin reactions.  Yeah, let’s use something awesome- something natural.

Lotion Bar | Swarm NaturalsShown in the picture is lavender mint.  Made with essential oils, not chemicals.   before SUN- made with non-nano zinc, because we don’t want a sun burn.  Last is pure indulgence- naturally.  All made with ingredients from nature, none in which blow up my sinuses.  Check out more details here.  Of course not tested on animals…..just my children.


My oldest son is almost 8 years old. (EIGHT YEARS OLD….how did that happen?)  His birth marks the start in my life when I really got into being ‘eco-friendly’ and chemical free (or low chemical).  We use Dr. Bronners for cleaning most everything.

The interesting thing, is 10 years ago none of this stuff, the candles, the chemicals, the lotions bothered me.  I used to burn candles like crazy, I’d clean with happy smiling bubbles and use whatever lotion smelled the best.  After 8 years of being a way from this stuff, I can’t, I just can’t use it.  It literally makes me sick.  It’s an over load on my senses and my children’s too.  I have lost my tolerance for the chemical stuff.  And I’m going to tell the world about it.


I’m going back to my roots.  I’m going back to that place where I was 8 years ago with a tiny infant with red hair and sensitive skin.

beforesunbarLet’s keep it natural.

Please check out my etsy shop and use the promo code: FREESHIPPING for….you guessed it, free shipping!


In honor of my reconnection, I hope to inspire others.  Will you help me spread the word about Swarm Naturals? YES- I hope so!

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What to do after the rain? Jump!!!

Rain Rain Go Away!

It’s raining, it’s pouring, but the little kids aren’t snoring.  We watched and watched the rain pour off the roof.  Then finally the skies cleared up, the sun came out and we busted outside for the fresh air.

Puddle Jumping | Swarm Naturals


Hey sister- there’s a big puddle over here!


Look at sister go!  Jump on in Brycer!IMG_7985

Run!  Jump!IMG_7961

It’s a regular water park out there.IMG_7988

Don’t let the dress and sun hat fool you.  This girl knows how to jump in a puddle and get sprinkled in mud.  <3



I have the cutest daughter in the world.IMG_7926

Here’s little man showing off his muscles covered in mud.  <3IMG_7982

Action picture.  Jump Jump Jump!IMG_7934

Jumping in one more for good measure.  She didn’t want that last puddle to feel left out.

IMG_7900When life gives you rain, don’t be afraid to jump in the puddles. -Unknown