About Swarm

Welcome to Swarm Naturals!

Thanks for visiting the Swarm Naturals website!  Here you’ll find natural yet indulgent Lip Treatment, pure candles- both beeswax and soy, scented and unscented, information from the hives and more!  Hopefully we have something in common and you’ll find lots of natural minded articles to read and skin care to try!  Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our products, beekeeping, wholesale or if you just want to chat.

The Company:

Swarm NaturalsSwarm Naturals was founded in 2006 by Angela Risk.  In the beginning, Swarm Naturals focused on making soothing pure beeswax candles.  On the journey to creating the perfect candle we formulated our well known artisan Lip Balm.  Our passion for the lip balm sparked the development for other Lip Treatment that was natural yet indulging.

The Owner:

I,  Angela Risk started Swarm Naturals in 2006.  I was a stay at home mom with a passion for things natural and indulging.  I wanted to create my own business.  I was inspired by my father-in-law, Mike Risk, who is a long time beekeeper, full time world’s best grandpa to my children.  3 beautiful babies later, in 2012 I decided to re-vamp, re-brand and re-organize Swarm Naturals.  We’ve tested our lip balm and made it better.  We are adding a shimmer and “I Am” tinted line of Lip Treatment along with spa fresh scented candles and focusing more on the blog.  I am a Work at Home Mom with a passion for business supported by a loving family.  I AM Inspired.


The Family

Around here you will find two little ones running just as fast as they can with one tiny crawler chasing behind.  I have 3 children, Liam (5), Claire (3) and Bryce (1).  My husband, spends his spare time in the work shop, reading and is my greatest cheerleader as I take the leap into the business of blogging.  Because of my family I AM Loved.